Baby’s First Mix Tape

……. and we’re back! I had some issues with the blog, and unfortunately lost my old posts, but I’m back now.

For Egon’s first Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something that he could keep for a long time. Like many other parents, we sing to him often. Sometimes to help him fall asleep, sometimes to calm him down, and sometimes just for fun. From my own experience, and that of my husband’s, we have to try hard to think back to what our parents sang to us as small children, so I wanted to find a way to allow him to experience these songs for years to come. I could just make him an iTunes playlist, and write down the song names in a baby book for him, but there’s something nice about a tangible item. And what better way than the classic mix tape CD!

The CD Itself

To assemble the songs, I created a playlist in Itunes from my library. In total, there about 15 songs on the playlist (just a little over an hour’s worth of songs).

Once I had all the songs assembled, it was ready to burn. Burn options for iTunes are found under File -> Burn Playlist to Disc. I made sure to select Use Sound Check as it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when a playlist isn’t a consistent volume level. Once this was burnt.

Album Art

Instead of just leaving the classic Verbatim CD cover, I created a custom cover for it in Canva. As we only have a black and white printer at the moment, I had to find graphics in Canva that would allow me to colour in the elements myself once it was printed. I created another image the same size with a tracklist as well. The art is saved as a High-Quality PDF and selected to have the crop and bleed marks shown once printed. I did this so that it would be easier to cut out after it was printed as I’m printing it on regular white paper.

Once it was printed, cut, and coloured, I cut a slightly larger piece of cardstock to match the size of the CD case cover and then glued the two images to either side of the cardstock. Once the cover is slipped back into the case, it’s done!

In reality, he probably won’t listen to it too much right now, but I felt it would make a nice addition to his baby box. This way he can listen to it in the future, and relive the songs that we fell in love with together.

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