A Geeky Birthday Wishlist

Sorry for the delay in posting this week. My husband caught a nasty bug last week, which my son caught shortly after. Baby’s first cold is no joke. It was probably one of the longest weekends of my life. Once Egon started to get better, myself and my brother then caught it. It’s almost out of our household, but it’s taken some time.

As I’m still pretty rough feeling (super congested and unable to take meds for it since I’m still nursing), and my birthday is this weekend, I thought I might do a quick wishlist of some of the geekier things I’d love to receive.


Source: Hot Topic

I’ve always loved Sailor Moon. It was one of my very first anime, and something my husband and I bonded over when we first started dating. Now that Egon is getting a little bit older, he’s really starting to grab onto stuff. Frequently he’ll pull the glasses off our faces, or grab a great big handful of hair while I’m holding him. This means dangling earrings are off limits for a bit, but that’s okay because there are some super cute stud earrings options out there. I’ve been wearing geeky jewelry for years and am a huge fan of when it’s super subtle (fun fact, each time my work has made me wear our “uniform” for company videos, I’ve always found a way to sneak some of my own personality in there with jewelry). These aren’t as subtle, but I still love them, and I love that the one pair has a little bit of dangle, but not so much that my almost 5 month old could grab on and attempt to rip them from my ear.

Atago Nendoroid

Source: Goodsmile

I looooooove Kantai Collection -KanColle-. It’s probably one of my more favourite animes in recent years. I also really love Nendoroids. I prefer them to most other figures out there because they aren’t as tiny and fiddly, and they are so cute. Between myself, my brother, and my husband, we have a rather large collection of KanColle Nendoroids. I got super excited when I saw they were releasing Atago as she’s one of my favourite characters from the series, and we were always disappointed (and a little confused) that they hadn’t made a Nendoroid of her yet. She actually won’t be released by my birthday (release date is June 2019), but she’s still one I’d love to receive.

Graphic T-Shirts

Source: TeeTurtle

My casual clothes have always often consisted of graphic tees, but I haven’t bought many in last couple years as I spent most of last year pregnant. So when one of my best friends asked what she could get me for my birthday, I was like “Graphic tees!” as I could really need some new ones.I love TeeTurtle’s shirts as the material is super soft, the screen printing is really durable, and they have some really great pop culture and nerd references. I actually ordered the one shown here when it first went on the site as I love RPGs and even more so, I LOVE owl bears (see him there at the 9 o’clock position 💕).

Staedtler 334C42 Triplus Fineliner Pens, Assorted – Set of 42

Source: Amazon

To date, I get super sad and nostalgic every September. Not because I miss school, but because I miss back to school shopping. I am a huge stationary nerd to the point that half of my stocking at Christmas time is usually pens and notebooks. Staedtler Fineliners hands down have to be my favourite pens. These have served me well for the past decade, through university, work and now into blogging. The colours are bright, lines crisp, and I’ve never had them smudge or bleed on me. They’re on this llist becausethey can be a little bit on the pricey side, but oh so worth it.

Deception – Murder In Hong Kong

My family plays a lot of board games, and I especially love ones that tie into my interests. One store owner in Halifax used to joke he could probably get me to buy it so long as it was Cthulhu based. My entire shelf for Cthulhu themed games says he’s correct. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while now as I really enjoy games relating to emergencies or crime. This one seems to tie together the idea of a “whodunnit” mystery with the “the killer is amongst us” idea you get with games like Werewolf. I’m not the best at lying, but I think this one would be fun.

Pop! Pokémon: Bulbasaur  

Source: EB Games

I told you before I love Bulbasaur, so you gotta know I squealed when they were coming out with a Funko Pop version of him. We have a rule in our house. Since Funko releases so many great Pop figures, we only buy the ones we truly love. My husband knew the moment he sent me this one, I’d want it. Rumour has it though, a certain adorable little boy might be getting me this for me birthday. Can’t wait to see if this comes true.

There you have it, a few of the things that i know I’d love to receive for my birthday this year. More so than anything, I’d love for this cold to leave us alone (over half of this post was typed with one hand while bouncing a still congested little one with the other). What are somethings you’d like to receive? Leave a comment and let me know!

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