Geeky Books for Babies and Young Children

I love books. Always have. My parents read to me from a young age, starting me off young. I also have an aunt who was a school teacher who would frequently gift us books as kids. This is a practice that I follow now myself. Books or gift cards to bookstores are one of my absolute favourite gifts to give. As a parent now myself, I definitely understand why parents love to receive books instead of more toys.

Egon is lucky as he got to inherit a sizable collection of children’s books since he got most of my childhood library. However, I am always on the hunt for more for him. As he is the child of nerds, I’m always excited to find geeky options for him. All of the books I’ve put below are ones that I either have for him already, or plan on getting.

Little Golden Books – Various

Little Golden Books hold a special place in my heart. I have a collection of several hundred thanks to my grandma the avid yard saler. I love them as they are just enough story to entertain a child while keeping their attention at the same time. They’re also surprisingly durable. They have always been pretty good at keeping up to date with what’s popular at the time (I vividly remember having Rainbow Brite, and Barbie ones), but I’ve been noticing as of late, the selection of nerdy pop culture ones is becoming quite impressive. From sci-fi classics like Star Trek and Star Wars, to internet famous cats, to superheroes, Little Golden Books is making my nostalgic mom heart so happy. They even put out Ghostbusters as a Little Golden Book (yes Egon owns it).

The ABCs of D&D, and The 123s of D&D – Ivan van Norman and Caleb Cleveland

Egon being exposed to RPGs is inevitable. Especially since his mommy and uncle were named after D&D characters. I found these one day while browsing Amazon, and immediately they went on the wishlist I have for Egon. They teach kids about letters, numbers, and shapes all within the theme of Dungeons & Dragons. That and the adorable illustrations make them a definite must have for my baby geek.

100 First Words For Little Geeks – Priddy Baby

Robert Priddy puts out wonderful books for babies. Some of the best are the 100 First series. There are ones for words, animals, trucks, Christmas, etc. 100 First Words For Little Geeks was an item from our baby registry, and I was so happy that Egon’s auntie and uncle picked it up for him. The illustrations are super cute, and it ranges across a wide spectrum of geeky topics. Some of my favourite words from it are “marshmallow”, “cosplay”, and “shrubbery”.

100 First Words for Little Geeks

Baby University – Chris Ferrie, and various

I’ll admit, I’m horrible with the math and sciences. I’m more of a humanities, arts, and languages type of person. Egon’s daddy is the same way. Luckily, there are books out there now to explain these concepts to babies so I don’t have to (also lucky to have his uncle live with us who is the math and science guy in the family). The Baby University series of board books by Chris Ferrie and various co-authors are like your traditional educational board books, but instead of ABCs or Colours, it teaches babies about advanced scientific concepts in easy, simple to understand, adorably illustrated terms.

Block Books – Peskimo

Block Books are beautifully illustrated board books that rely on layered pictures and fold-out pages to teach and cover various topics. They have several that are about more common things like dinosaurs, and basic ABCs, but the ones I have featured below are a little bit more nerdy in nature. They are beautiful books and a refreshing take on the classic vocabulary and ABC books.

Reading is such an important thing for people, young and old. It makes me so happy to see that the world of literature is starting to acknowledge kids’ geekier sides more than ever. What were some of your favourite books as a kid? Let me know with a comment. Mine was a gorgeously illustrated book called Animalia by Graeme Base. ❤️ 

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