Who am I?

Hi! My name is Krysania (Chris-ann-ee-ah). 💕 

My name can be a little tricky to say, so if you prefer, you can just call me K.

I’m a thirty something year old nerd living in Toronto, ON. I was born here in Ontario, but grew up and went to school in Halifax, NS. In 2012, I met my now husband, Andrew, there.

Source: Accedo Nox

And in 2015, we were married.

Source: Accedo Nox

Shortly after our wedding, my husband got a job offer in Ontario, and we, along with my younger brother Raistlin, moved back to Toronto.

In 2018, we welcomed the fourth member to our adventuring party when our son, Egon was born.

Get to Know Me

Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Beverage: Tea
Favourite Pokémon: Bulbasaur
Favourite Band: Depeche Mode
Favourite Movie: Ghostbusters (original, not the 2016 one)
Favourite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother
Favourite Sports Team: Toronto Blue Jays

What is Quirkie by Nature?

Quirkie by Nature is a lifestyle blog of the more nerdy persuasion. On it, you find posts relating to lifestyle, gaming, DIY, recipes, reviews, hauls, family, and more. Quirkie by Nature was created as a creative outlet while at home raising my son.

Why ‘Quirkie by Nature’?

As you’ll come to learn, I’m an odd human being. I delight in being different and take pride in my quirks. Plus, I love the Pokémon reference.